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        Filling Machine
        Packaging Machine
        Seal Machine
        Bundle Packet Machine
        Fight Code Machine
        Shrinkage Machine
        Origami Machine
        Filling The End Of Closure
        Penma Machine
        Labeler Machine

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          Xunjie packaging machinery, from Jinan Xunjie, Wuhan Xunjie, Jinan Dongtai together to create a brand packaging machinery, the company is committed to packaging machinery, packaging equipment design, research and development, manufacturing and sales, has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, filling closure Mei-filling machines and products have been certified by CE. Major end-products, such as letters, filling machines, electromagnetic induction-sealing machine, labeling machine, and other products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides, lubricants, and other widely used industry, some products are exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

           The company has professional and technical personnel, engineers, sales and after-sales service, formed a very young team of high-quality innovative spirit of the team. The company has always been to "people-oriented, technology-leading, integrity management, a well-known brand" for the purpose, as always, to provide reliable products, improve its services, common development and create success.

           New and old customers at home and abroad welcomed the visit, mutual benefit, and work together!


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