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        Filling Machine
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        Weighing combination of automatic packaging machines

        This set of unit
          1, XJB-4230
          2, 10 computer combination Scales
          3, Z-type material conveyor
          4, vibration-Feeding
          5, electronic platform scales
          6, finished conveyor

        Major performance and structural characteristics:
          1, automatic completion of feeding, weighing, filling bag, print date, the export of products all of the production process.
          2, measurement of high accuracy, efficiency quickly, not particle.
          3, the provincial labour, low loss, easy operation and maintenance.

          1. Doo stability of the 10 structures, high-precision sensors, measuring the correct moment to achieve.
          2. Adopted the stepper motor, quiet operation, moves stability and long life.
          3. Measurement was based on the characteristics of fine-tuning the hopper door opening and closing speed to prevent the cards and nothing broken.
          4. Calculation error: ± 1.5g of

          Expanded food, potato chips, candy, pistachios, raisins, Tangyuan, meat balls, peanuts, biscuits, jelly, candied fruit, walnut, pickles, frozen dumplings, almonds, salt, washing powder, solid beverages, cereals, such as pesticide particles Flake particles, short of powder and other items.

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