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        Quantitative Powder Packing Machine ZX-F

        Main Purpose:
        . The packaging machine pesticides, veterinary medicine, premix, additives, milk powder, starch, spices, enzymes, such as powder-feed quantitative packaging.

        Technical Parameters:
        Power Source: AC380V
        . Power: 900 W
        . Packaging accuracy: ± 1%
        . Packaging Specifications: 5 g-5000g
        . Packaging speed:1500-3000 bags / hour
        . Total weight: 380 kg
        . Complete machine Size: 1000 × 650 × 2000 (mm)

        Principle Features:
        The powder packing machine, is a mechanical, electrical, optical, one-in, single-chip microcomputer control, automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic   adjustment functions such as measurement error
        . Fast: The spiral of material, optical control technology
        . Wide range of packaging: the same quantitative packing machine in the 5-5000 g, through electronic scales keyboard adjustment and replacement of materials of   different specifications for adjustable screw
        . A wide range of applications: a certain flow of the powder-like, granular materials can be
        . High precision: stepper motor and electronic weighing technology
        . Category for bags, cans category, bottles and other packaging containers packed powder Quantitative
        . Because Level materials and the proportion caused by changes automatically tracking error can be amended
        . Photoelectric switches control, only artificial bagging, pocket clean and easy to Seal
        . Contact materials and parts are stainless steel production, to facilitate cleaning to prevent cross-contamination
        . Can be configured for the device, more user-friendly

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