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        Horizontal electric filler paste KLG-II-type

        Principle features:
        The machine adopts the photoelectric control system, a unique form of piston filler can for filling, filling machine can also be free. The use of horizontal structure, the butter and oil to ensure adequate mixing, filling a significant increase in performance and measurement accuracy.
        The machine's sauce for the food industry packaging design category, especially for spices in with the larger particles and the concentration of hot pepper paste, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame butter, jam, hot butter at the end of expected, marked the end of hot material viscous material, such as the filler paste.

        1, for large particles, at the end of hot pepper sauce and hot sauce and other types of materials;
        2, filling speed, the fastest-1000ml / s;
        3, so that butter and oil to fully mixed filling;
        4, no gas source, energy saving;
        5, simple structure, easy maintenance;
        6, all-stainless steel production, health, safety.

        Technical parameters:

        Speed :30-40 times / min
        Measurement of capacity :100-500 ml (g) 500-1500 milliliters (grams)
        Quantitative error: ± 2%
        Supply voltage: 380V 1500W and 550W
        Overall dimension: 1400 × 600 × 1200
        Machine Weight: 250KG
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